Saturday, March 17, 2012

Peru - Fraser family pictures

From the top: pic 1: Mountains near Cerro de Pasco. Pic 2: Allan Fraser's 10th birthday with faces I can remember: Karen Shadford, George Shadford, Tanya Visser, 1970. Pic 3: Cobriza mine circa 1970. Pic 4: Cerro camp circa 1971. Pic 5: Cobriza mine 1970. Pic 6: Miki Fraser, Sidney Fraser and Allan Fraser in the mountains near Casapalca, 1969.Pic 7: George Shadford,Allan Fraser, Brenden Shadford, Sidney Fraser, Casapalca at Rimac River. 1969. Pic 8: Our house in Casapalca 1969. All pictures by Robert Fraser. Pictures uploaded by Allan Fraser

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pictures of Cerro de Pasco (early 1970s).

Photographs by Robert Fraser. Uploaded by Allan Fraser (Feb 2012).

Pictures of Cerro de Pasco (circa 1970)

Main road to Cerro de Pasco with view from Bellavista circa 1970. Picture by Robert Fraser

Cerro de Pasco (Bellavista), circa 1970. Picture by Robert Fraser
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Pinning down the relevant people-points,
One contact leading to three, to fifteen, seventy ...
Is less the leisurely gathering of a bouquet
Than the grasping at leaves in a gale -
At that whirlwind mosaic of scattered lives -
In an effort to connect them to an original tree
When only the ghost of it remains.
But, seeking anew the comfort of those shadow-branches,
We grace them with the qualities of our metamorphosis.
Achievement and deadwood have added their layers
To the bilingual and carefree children
Who played against the backdrop of the Andes
And knew it later for a privileged kingdom.

Lark Burns Beltran

(Sent by Wilfredo Beltran)

(In Chulec 1953-56)